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In a recent survey done by Panorama Project entitled Immersive Media & Books 2020 Research Report there was a couple of key items that Indie Authors should be aware of. 

The report stated “The report also suggests that bookstores may not be serving as showrooms for Amazon and other e-tailers to the degree once thought.  According to the survey, 44% of respondents bought books in bookstores that they first found online, while 43% of respondents bought books online that they first found in bookstores.”  This finding re-i9nforce what I have been encouraging our members to be doing, “Stop publishing on Amazon, as you lose 50% of your consumer base.”
All authors should be publishing through a publisher or Ingram Spark to be getting the highest opportunity for book sales.  While at the same time, it is clear that doing book signings at bookstores, is still a great way to get people to know you exist.
The report also found that during the pandemic the Virtual book festivals did not work.  There was a lack of human connection that we have encouraged during our book festivals throughout the year.  Therefore, and this is key, we will NOT be holding any more virtual book festivals.  We will, however, begin in 2022 to re-establish in-person festivals to re-establish and to continue building the human connection that we have encouraged for the past 10 years.
The report when on to state, “… found that libraries, bookstores, and online channels "mutually reinforce" each other. Some 75% of respondents reported having library cards, with 30% saying they will choose to buy the book rather than wait when a book is stuck on a long holds list at the library. Also, notable, more library cardholders are buying books during the Covid-19 crisis (in all formats) than the general survey population. And activities like author events at libraries, browsing library shelves and browsing online library catalogs, all lead to new book discovery.”
Because of these habits of readers, we will once again begin to re-enforce the participation of Library conferences in Texas, the USA, and other countries when possible.  The “Tell the World” notices that go to librarians will continue as they now add more weight for indie authors to let librarians economically know about their books.
COVID19 helped to create new reading habits, that Authors need to re-enforce and promote so that they have readers buying their books. Failure to be out there and promoting your works in-person will only hurt your opportunities to sell books, both in short term at the events, but in long term by building that repour with readers and developing long-time buyers.
Let’s take the good that came out of the pandemic and build upon it for a richer, stronger following of readers of YOUR books!