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Recently through my search of new technology and the latest happenings in the publishing world and came across an organization named UnGlueIt. This is a web based system to allows anyone to read an eBook for free. Naturally, as a writer who wants to make money from his book, my hair stood on end already getting my back in line for a fight. Well, there was no fight.

I dug into the concept of this company and found that it is actually one of the only websites that encourages reading through free eBooks, but at the same time helps authors earn some money in the process.

I tested our “Short Stories by Texas Authors” book to see what may happen. While there is little income to no income as of this story, the book has only been posted for two weeks, I feel confident that there will be some earnings soon.

To try and explain what this non-profit does, I decided to interview the director of the program, Erick Hellman and let him explain their concept and the benefits for authors.

If you would like how you can UnGlue your eBook for use in library’s and around the world, while making some extra cash, please listen to the two-part series on SoundCloud using the links below.

For the authors who listen to the recordings, I would love some thoughts about the concept.

UnGlueIt Part 1 of 2:

UnGlueIt Part 2 of 2: