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AMG NOTE: I want to thank Rich Allen for submitting the information below to us to help YOU increase your book sales and marketing opportunities. While Rich applied this for the anthologies that DEAR Texas/Indie produced, this will work for any anthology you are listed in. A great way to increase your exposure and wealth of work.

I have been lucky enough to be included in two anthologies, Short Stories by Indie Authors: Volume 1, and Short Stories by Texas Authors: Volume 5, published by DEAR Indie, Inc., and benefitting its literacy programs. (

I also have published two novels, Drafted and Identity Check, by Rich Allan on Amazon.

I was looking at my author page on Amazon Author Central, and it occurred to me I should be linked to the DEAR Indie books as well, cross-promoting all of my books to potentially different audiences.


Here’s how I did it:

First, if you don’t have an author page on Amazon, set one up.

If you do have an established author page, click on the Books tab. It will ask you if you want to add a new book. Click yes and then in the Search field, enter the book title, ISBN, or author name and click Go. Once you've found the missing book, click This is my book below that book. If the Amazon catalog lists your name as the author, you're all done. If you contributed to an Anthology and would like to claim the book to your Bibliography, send Amazon verification that you have contributed to the book, such as a link to your publisher's website or a table of contents that clearly lists your name.

I verified by clicking contact us at the bottom of the page, and then selected the following options:

1. What Can We Help You With?
a. My books
b. Add a book
c. I’m a different type of contributor
d. I wrote a chapter, story, or an article in a collection of works

2. How Would You Like to Contact Us?
a. Phone (must be a US number)

3. Talk with Author Central Customer Service
a. Enter your phone number, and they will call you back immediately or in five minutes (your choice)

I told him the name of my story in the anthology, my author name, and page numbers. The representative confirmed my info while I was on the phone, and in 24 hours, the books had been added to my page.

If all the authors published in all of the DEAR Indie anthologies would do this, we could potentially increase our sales or find new readers/fans.

Here is my link as an example: