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Six Annual Authors Marketing Event - July 23 - 25, 2021 

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Are Your Finances Hurting?

With the turmoil still over the COVID19 virus and the stock market playing havoc with people's retirement funds, we understand that people have to cut back on expenditures. Therefore, we are offering a way for authors to attend our 5th annual Authors Marketing Event in Granbury on July 24-26.

We are offering three opportunities to attend the event by simply winning our raffle drawing.

Here are the three opportunities.

  • 1 – Full Ticket to the event – Value $249 Each Drawing on April 15th
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  • 1 – Full Ticket to the Event, plus hotel room for two nights – Value $500 Drawn on June 1st

To have an opportunity to win one of these three prizes, simply purchase a raffle ticket for $10. Tickets remain in the drawing until the raffle drawing is complete. The more tickets you purchase, the greater the opportunity to win. One winning per person only.

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AMG Note: This report reinforces what Alan has been saying for a few years now. Also, why it is important to fully complete the surveys that AMG & AG put out for authors. This helps us make better decisions on how to help YOU the Author!

New York (February 19, 2020): The Authors Guild, the nation’s largest and oldest nonprofit professional association for published writers and journalists, today issued a report, “The Profession of Author in the 21st Century,” detailing the underlying social, economic and technological factors contributing to the ongoing decline of author incomes.

“For much of literary history, only the most privileged—those with wealth and leisure and education—could hope to publish. The 20th century created laws and practices, however, that allowed many [American] writers to earn a living, and as a result, an explosion of important books were published—by women, by authors of color, and others once shut out of authorship by financial need,” states Christine Larson, Ph.D., author of the report and an assistant professor of journalism at the University of Colorado, who studies the impact of technology on media workers and culture industries. “But the days of authors supporting themselves from writing may be coming to an end. The changing economy of publishing today means that reliable income and time—the metaphorical room for writing—are increasingly out of reach for many authors.”

To compile her research, Larson conducted interviews with book authors, publishing executives and industry analysts. She also drew heavily on the data from the most recent Authors Guild’s Authors Income Survey. Below are four meaningful takeaways from the commissioned report:

  •  It’s harder to make a living as an author now than in the past. Indeed, writing incomes have dropped by 24% since 2013. Three major factors account for this trend:
    •  Fewer Americans read books than ever before, as consumers increasingly turn to screens for news and entertainment—just 53% of Americans say they read books for pleasure down from 57% in 2002 according to the NEA.
    •  Amazon’s introduction of the Kindle, along with online physical book buying, precipitated a devaluing of books overall, while its current pricing practices eat into authors’ advances and royalties.
    •  The mass shuttering of more than 2,000 U.S. newspapers, as well as the loss of print and online magazines and news sites, has resulted in fewer opportunities for authors and journalists to supplement their book earnings with short stories, essays, book reviews and other literary or critical content.
  •  Half of full-time authors earn less than the federal poverty level of $12,488. Literary authors are the hardest hit, experiencing a 46% drop in their book-related income in just five years. Other relevant data:
    •  80% of all authors earn less than what most people would consider a living wage. Authorhood is not a conventional, salary-paying career. Most authors patch together other forms of income, from teaching to full-time day jobs in a wide variety of fields. The profession of author signifies the broader challenges of the “gig economy,” where more and more people juggle multiple part-time jobs and contract work and receive no employee benefits.
    •  Authors of color earn half the median income of white authors (and the gap seems to have grown in the past five years). Taken together with the fact that 85% of editors are white, this finding has troubling implications for equality of voice in book publishing.
  •  Authors are expected to do what publishers once did—market their own books. Authors spend a full day per week promoting their books, which takes them away from writing and results in longer stretches between new books being published and lean years for many writers.
  •  Self-publishing income is growing rapidly, but still remains very small compared to traditional publishing. While the median income of self-published authors increased by 85% over the past four years, led largely by the success of e-romance novels, self-published authors still earn 80% less than traditionally published authors. Part of the problem is that supply far outstrips demand; Bowker reports more than 1.68 million self-published book titles in 2018, up 40% from the year before.


The report asserts that authors’ incomes in the U.S. will continue to sink even further unless lawmakers, publishers, content distributors, authors, literary advocates and the American public step in to stop the decline.

“Anger, frustration and sorrow are three of the most common emotions expressed by authors cited in the report said noted novelist Doug Preston, president of the Authors Guild. “Reading it also reinforced the importance of the Authors Guild in helping to prevent the total sidelining of professional writers in the new literary and information landscape and protecting their ability to earn a living in this brave new world.”

To download a FREE copy of “The Profession of Author in the 21st Century,” email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will send the PDF file to you.


The Printers Row Lit Fest, the largest free outdoor literary showcase in the Midwest, marks its 35th year with an expanded outdoor presence and a return to its original roots as a community-based celebration for book lovers presented by the not-for-profit Near South Planning Board.

The much-anticipated 2020 Printers Row Lit Fest will take place along Dearborn Street, from Dearborn Station to the newly named Ida B. Wells Drive (formerly Congress Parkway), rain or shine, Saturday – Sunday, June 6 – 7, from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

More than 100,000 visitors are expected over the two-day festival, which will feature carefully selected offerings from over 100 booksellers; everything from the tattered to the rare to ‘hot off the press,’ newly published works.

We will be having a booth at this year’s event if there is enough interest. We can have a large 20x20 booth that will give us room for 7 additional authors to present their books during the weekend. The cost per author is $500 for the two-day event if with us, if by yourself, a table starts at $375 with no canopy and can go as high as $650, or a booth starts at $1,125.

As always with an event like this, we will be giving members two options: Book Display or Table Space. Please select which option you would like below.