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One of our goals in growing our membership is to help authors from around the world. Another goal is to provide more opportunities for our members to have their book(s) on display at events outside of Texas that they may not be able to attend. I am happy to announce that with the help of Mel Greenberg, an AMG member from Arizona, we are able to offer book display opportunities for our other AMG members at the Tucson Festival of Books set for March 14 & 15, 2020.

The Tucson Festival of Books started in March 2009 and has been going strong since then. On average, they have approximately 100,000 visitors to the two-day festival featuring over 400 authors.

As stated above, the 2020 event will be held on March 14 & 15, and we plan on being there.

Due to the cost of travel, booth fees, etc., the price per title is $75. If your book is part of the Indie Lector Store, we will be selling download cards to att

endees for the eBook version so that we can generate sales for you and your book(s) on-site. Please make your payment below. We will contact you to verify what title you would like to have on display.


Number of Titles

Granbury Festival on Spectrum Channels

Starting in April, we will be doing limited commercials to promote the upcoming Granbury Festival on the Spectrum TV system. Commercials will air on a variety of channels during a one-week period, each time we run an ad. Each run will be in a different part of the state. For example, Ad #1 will run in Dallas, ad #2 will run in Fort Worth, etc.

We are offering special advertising to authors attending the event. For a $100 fee, we will list one book and your author pen name in a single ad run. Only one book image will be shown. The current estimate is 154 airings with an estimated 18,797 views.

Once you make a payment, PayPal will take you to a form to be completed. If you are not taken to the form, please click on the left side for completing the form.

This is a NON-REFUNDABLE event. This program benefits DEAR Texas, Inc., a nonprofit organization.

Coming Soon

We continue to work on a Podcast/Show database as a resource for all types of authors to discover shows that may be best suited for them to do an interview on.

We will continue to add shows as they submit their listings. Please feel free to send out our link to a show you know about to have them added to our site.

If you have any questions about the shows listed, please contact them directly. Any questions about this database or this website, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Do you know of a writer working hard on their first book, or an author that just needs help with marketing their work? Authors Marketing Guild is a great organization that is dedicated to helping writers, or authors better understand the publishing world and marketing of books.

By purchasing this gift for $50.00, you are giving the writer/author a gift that will provide not only educational tools but marketing insights and so much more for the year they are a member.

Authors Marketing Guild has been around since 2011 and thousands of authors have benefitted through programs, events, and education. Help your friend or loved one with this wonderful gift.

Click the Buy Now button to purchase the gift membership. PayPal will redirect you to the form to complete. If it does not, click here:


Thank you for taking advantage of this special offer. Please make your payment of $50.00 for a years’ worth of membership with Authors Marketing International.   That is a 30% savings!

Once payment is made, the system will take you to the application form to complete and submit for finishing the process.

Thank you and welcome!

Entrepreneur Weekend Showcases Local Businesses While Providing Scholarships to High School Students

The C.E.O. - Christian Entrepreneur Organisation will host its annual Entrepreneur Weekend on Friday, December 13, 2019 through Sunday, December 15, 2019 at the Kingdom Builders Center (KBC), 6011 West Orem Drive, Houston, Texas 77085. This is a FREE event and open to the public. There will be door prizes, networking, education, and fun.

The purpose of the fair is three-fold:

1) To provide scholarships for students

2) To showcase and bring awareness about local businesses

3) To provide services and products for holiday shoppers

We will have a table at this event. If you would like to have your book displayed to this audience, please click here to purchase the Book Display fee of $35.00 There is a limit of 10 books for this event.

Mulitiple TItles

The scholarship opportunity is extended to the members of the Windsor Village Church family, as well as high school graduates or vocational students from the greater Houston area. If you would like to donate to help students, please contact Chilond Bady at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Click HERE.