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Danielle A. Vann & Jessica Reino


Literary Agent Jessica Reino & 19-time Award-winning Author Danielle A. Vann


Today’s publishing markets are ever-changing, which means it’s no longer “enough” to simply be a great writer. Authors are now asked to be much more than wordsmiths; they are expected to be creators, producers, and marketers of their work no matter the genre or publishing contract. Social media has revolutionized the market, and agents, editors, and publishers are staying current with the trends. What are leaders in the publishing industry seeking? Platform!

What does an excellent author’s platform consist of, and how do agents, editors, and publishers use the platform to option, acquire, and sell books? Join traditionally published author, editor, and Literary Agent Jessica Reino of Metamorphosis Literary Agency and 19-international award-winning author Danielle A. Vann as they teach you what a platform is, how to create one that stands out, and the top five must-haves to wow the publishing industry.


What is a platform?

The FIVE top elements to creating a stellar and eye-catching platform

What agents and acquiring editors are now seeking within a platform

How to use social media to increase your chances of landing a traditional publishing contract and/or to sell more books.

Which social media site to use to increase your platform, and why you MUST have an up-to-date media package

How to tie your bio, work, appearances, and book sells together to create a killer platform.


More about Danielle

Danielle A. Vann is a nineteen-time international award-winning author, speaker, certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Certified Life Coach, and Mindfulness expert who is also known as “The Storyteller,” officially started her writing career at the tender age of seventeen inside a newsroom. Spending years as a scriptwriter, assignment editor, reporter, and evening/morning anchor, Danielle earned an Oklahoma Broadcast Education Associate award, an Associated Press Award, and an Emmy nomination.

While Danielle started her publishing career as a children’s picture book author, she is best known for her internationally award-winning Young Adult five-part series, The Whizbang Machine. Vann has received nineteen awards and was named to the prestigious Texas Library Association's Texas Bluebonnet longlist. She is also an inductee of the Texas Authors Institute of History.

Danielle has been featured numerous times on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, iHeartRadio, USA Network Radio, Sirius Radio, and nationally syndicated radio and podcasts around the United States and Canada. Her work has been featured in/on Foreword Magazine, Publisher’s Weekly, Story Monster Ink, Mansfield Magazine, Mansfield Now, at numerous book festivals including the Bologna Italy Book Festival, the Book Expo of America, and BookCon. Her work has even been featured in the White House and the Halls of Congress in D.C.

Vann is the co-host of Storyrocket Live on Facebook, where alongside two-time Emmy-award winner and Storyrocket President Ana Benitez, they teach authors the ins and outs of taking their work straight to Hollywood. You can also find her on Instagram each week, offering motivation to live your best life @getyourlifetogethergirl. Her latest book, “Get Your Life Together, Girl,” will be published soon.


More about Jessica

Jessica Reino is a Literary Agent at Metamorphosis Literary Agency. Working for many years as a freelance substantive editor and being a multi-genre author herself, it is no surprise that Jessica has a wide variety of tastes when it comes to storytelling. She's a member of SCBWI New England, The Women’s Fiction Writers Association where she was a Webinar Program Leader. She has also been a contributor to The Children’s Writer’s Guild Online Magazine as well as a reviewer for Story Monsters Ink. She has experience as an author coach and freelance editor with Pandamoon Publishing. She also runs a monthly Twitter chat #thewriterszen. Whether the story is tackling tough topics or serves solely to entertain, Jessica is looking for manuscripts that are well-written with a strong voice in order to make that emotional connection. Jessica is seeking MG, YA, Adult and nonfiction projects.


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Annalisa Parent

Creating Social Media Content to Engage


So, you’re on social media. Great. Now what?

Author and Writing Coach Annalisa Parent will walk you through the attributes of the various social media and their different demographics, AND how to create content that engages and builds audiences.



One of the frequent laments Annalisa hears in speaking all over the world is fear of social media--not wanting to put yourself out there, or not knowing what to say once you do. She will walk you through the same step by step system she has used to garner thousands of followers and raving fans--people who will buy your book and tweet about it.


Bring your mobile device and be ready to create some engaging content!


Room: To Be Determined


Handout: None


Learn More:

Annalisa Parent is an author, writing coach, and creator of The Writing Gym where she pumps authors’ writing into publishable shape, and helps them to publish and sell well. She is the winner of 2 CIPA EVVY awards for her book Storytelling for Pantsers: How to Write and Revise your Novel without an Outline. Annalisa speaks to writers all over the world from the Writers’ Digest Conference to the National Speakers’ Association Annual Conference, from Paris to Denver. Her facebook group is Write to PUBLISH and SELL your novel.



This session has been rescheduled for Tuesday, July 28, 2020 at 8 PM CDT

Charles Breakfield & Rox Burkey


Author's Branding & Media Kit


Authors Breakfield and Burkey will discuss some of things to consider for your brand and image. We will also review key components of your media kit.



Our world revolves around thumbs up and thumbs down. Part of this is an issue of your brand and how that applies to different aspects of your journey as an author. We will review how people recognize you, steps you can take, and the critical items to consider in creating your brand then reflecting it in your media kit.


Learn More

Charles Breakfield and Rox Burkey are technologists professionals who work with customers around the world to optimize their technology investments and digital transformations. Leveraging this expertise they co-author as Breakfield and Burkey with theirTechnoThriller series and various short stories across multiple genres. They have won multiple awards with Texas Authors, CIPA Evvy, InD'Tale, and Dan Poynter awards for their novels, book trailers, and audible with their series narrator Derek Shoales. Burkey loves hosting author interviews for the Indie Beacon Show, a part of the Authors Marketing Guild, LLC program.


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Sharon Jenkins



Did you know that you can become an overnight sensation in the digital stratosphere? Often authors shy away from the spotlight unless they are speakers or a member of the creative arts. In this workshop Sharon C. Jenkins will help you explore the benefits that being a media mogul or movie star bring to your author platform.



Change in our present world is a daily occurrence, and that transformation influences how you promote yourself as an author and sell books in this evolving digital space. In this workshop, Sharon will show you how to build an unshakable media foundation that will also result in exponential growth individually and professionally. She will show you how to:

• Stay relevant in the ever-changing digital stratosphere.

• Leverage your experiences to create a better author platform.

• Come from behind the writing curtain and become a media force to be admired and adored when everyone else is pulling their hair out.

• Repurpose yourself and your book product/s for center stage exposure.


More about Sharon

Sharon C. Jenkins is the Inspirational Principal for The Master Communicator’s Writing Services. She provides writing and coaching services to small businesses, nonprofits, and authors. Known as The Master Communicator, she is the host of Luminance on Galaxy Gospel Radio and Podcast. Sharon has been a blogger for Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, Afrovibes Radio, Self-Published Author, and Book Marketing Tools. She is also an award-winning, best-selling author and an “authorpreneur” coach. Her most notable accomplishment is that she is the adoring grandmother of six wonderful grandchildren. For more information about Sharon, go to



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Mary Ann Faremouth



Faremouth uses her Five-Step Faremouth Method with the audience to share a proven method of success!



The session will be how to navigate these tough times and take your plane of life above the clouds to get to a safe landing. The session will include how the Author used difficult times like these to be the most creative and publish an award-winning book as well as become a nationally syndicated columnist and podcaster.


More about Mary Ann

Mary Ann Faremouth is a multi-award-winning author, syndicated columnist, and a regular guest on nationally syndicated radio shows. A professional speaker and CEO of the national recruiting firm Faremouth and Company, Mary Ann also serves as a board member of multiple national industry-specific organizations including the National Association of Steel Pipe Distributors (NASPD) and National Association of Pipe Coating Applicators (NAPCA). Her articles have been published in Oil and Gas Industry related publications such as Pipe and Gas Journal and National Association of Personnel Consultant Newsletter and she has extensive experience in the national recruiting world. Mary Ann has a keen understanding of the marketplace and it's specialized needs and requirements.


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This session has been cancelled due to a broken shoulder.


Sandy Lawrence



Attention Authors – Here’s an opportunity to learn the secrets of “How to Gain an Unfair Advantage” by Knowing Who Your Readers Are and secrets to “How to Reach Them to Sell More Books.”

We will show you the secrets to sell more books, get paid for doing what you love, and have your books reach Bestseller status.



Here's why it is important for you, the author! Because in the publishing world today, writing your book is super easy, but knowing how to market that book and make a living selling books, even becoming an “authorpreneur” will mean the difference between being a part-time and a full-time author!

I will share with you the Secrets to Becoming a Bestselling Author.

How to sell more books!

How to know who is your reader and how to reach them.

Here is Just a Tip of the Iceberg of What You Get...

  1. You'll discover exactly how to make a book marketing plan that is easy to implement.
  2. You'll understand how to sell your book with 21 easy, simple secrets (plus a few extra ones for FREE!)
  3. You'll learn from all the mistakes and obstacles that stop MOST “authorpreneurs” and get right to getting new readers!
  4. You'll know exactly how to find your readers, where to get visibility – and still have time to write!

Warning: If you want to sell more books – you have to figure out your book marketing and publicity! YOUR READER MUST HEAR ABOUT YOU AND KNOW YOUR BOOK EXISTS!


More about Sandy

Sandy Lawrence is an energetic "people person" and works passionately to take her clients’ message to the world. She loves a good story and considers it her responsibility to help people share their stories with the world.

Sandy is a publicist, speaker, author and founder of Perceptive Public Relations. She is number 17 in Houston’s Social Influencers and Perceptive PR is number 9 in Houston’s Public Relations Firms. Sandy is the author of several books, including the Do It Yourself PR Guide and Soar 2 Success in Marketing: 58 Tips to Getting the Word out and Growing your Business.


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This session has been cancelled due to a broken shoulder.