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Getting a review for your book is a daunting task. More and more companies that were free, like Kirkus, now want to charge for their review. At the same time, newspapers, magazines and even Amazon are refusing to display or print a paid review. The ever changing world of publishing.

I recently received a magazine entitled Forward Reviews which is distributed to Librarians across the country. Along with the library uploads we are doing, this too is a great way for libraries to learn about a new book release. I contacted the company to get their specs on how to submit a review request and have listed their response below.

I hope this helps many of you who don’t want to pay, or cannot afford to pay, for a review. If you use them, please keep me posted on the response you get. Thanks.

Thanks for your interest in Foreword Reviews. Here are details on the two book review options available through Foreword Magazine, Inc:

Foreword Reviews print magazine: Our quarterly review journal—which we print and send to subscribers at libraries, bookstores, and avid readers—mostly reviews books before they are published or very near to their date of publication. To be considered, submit your galleys or review copies to the Review Editor as soon as they are available:


Foreword Reviews Review Editor 425 Boardman Ave Traverse City, MI 49684

If you are unable to send a physical review copy, you are welcome to send an electronic version. Email a PDF, MOBI, or EPUB file to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Clarion Review: For authors and publishers who have struggled to get a professional, objective review of their book, with a book three months or more past its pub date, or simply want to be guaranteed a review of their book, we offer the fee-for-review Clarion service. Finished books, galleys, and pdfs are all accepted and will receive a review within 4-6 weeks. We guarantee the same quality review provided in Foreword Reviews magazine.

This professional 400+ word review/critique is useful for marketing and promotion. Authors have also used Clarion to obtain objective feedback on a manuscript, so that they might make improvements to the book before publication The fee is $499 and is open to all books and all publishers. Orders for the Clarion Review Service can be placed online or by phone 231-933-3699. You can find more information here:

With the author’s permission, both Foreword Reviews and Clarion reviews will also be archived with the top three title information databases used by booksellers and librarians: Bowker’s Books-In-Print online, Baker & Taylor’s Titlesource 3, and Ingram’s iPage, in addition to the Foreword Reviews website.

Check-out our website to determine which service best suits your book: