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In August 2011, B Alan Bourgeois, who is an author and was a publisher at the time, realized the value of as well as the struggle of marketing books. Through the process to better understand the dynamics of marketing books, he created the Texas Association of Authors (TxAuthors). His one goal has remained the same through the growth of the organization: Helping authors to better learn how to market and sell their books.


By combining creative minds that help widen the world of wonder with those that seek to learn and to enjoy a richer life, we are providing opportunities for readers to enhance their libraries and their lives. We do not promote books that preach hate, but instead, we promote books that offer possibilities.


To merge our Mission with our Values, we must create events and opportunities for readers to learn about great books they may otherwise not know about. This gives authors opportunities to spotlight their works. We have done this through our partnerships with DEAR Texas/DEAR Indie, Library conferences, and many other events and programs around the world. We have created the annual Authors Marketing Event that brings professionals and fellow authors together each July to share and learn how to better market and sell their books.