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This session has been cancelled due to a broken shoulder.


Sandy Lawrence



Attention Authors – Here’s an opportunity to learn the secrets of “How to Gain an Unfair Advantage” by Knowing Who Your Readers Are and secrets to “How to Reach Them to Sell More Books.”

We will show you the secrets to sell more books, get paid for doing what you love, and have your books reach Bestseller status.



Here's why it is important for you, the author! Because in the publishing world today, writing your book is super easy, but knowing how to market that book and make a living selling books, even becoming an “authorpreneur” will mean the difference between being a part-time and a full-time author!

I will share with you the Secrets to Becoming a Bestselling Author.

How to sell more books!

How to know who is your reader and how to reach them.

Here is Just a Tip of the Iceberg of What You Get...

  1. You'll discover exactly how to make a book marketing plan that is easy to implement.
  2. You'll understand how to sell your book with 21 easy, simple secrets (plus a few extra ones for FREE!)
  3. You'll learn from all the mistakes and obstacles that stop MOST “authorpreneurs” and get right to getting new readers!
  4. You'll know exactly how to find your readers, where to get visibility – and still have time to write!

Warning: If you want to sell more books – you have to figure out your book marketing and publicity! YOUR READER MUST HEAR ABOUT YOU AND KNOW YOUR BOOK EXISTS!


More about Sandy

Sandy Lawrence is an energetic "people person" and works passionately to take her clients’ message to the world. She loves a good story and considers it her responsibility to help people share their stories with the world.

Sandy is a publicist, speaker, author and founder of Perceptive Public Relations. She is number 17 in Houston’s Social Influencers and Perceptive PR is number 9 in Houston’s Public Relations Firms. Sandy is the author of several books, including the Do It Yourself PR Guide and Soar 2 Success in Marketing: 58 Tips to Getting the Word out and Growing your Business.


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This session has been cancelled due to a broken shoulder.