Authors Marketing International, LLC
A Member Based Owned Company

2020 NOTE: Each year, attendees of the AME automatically have the ability to be certified after paying their fees. This year, due to the COVID19 circumstances, the certification will not be available for FREE.

If you would like to be certified for 2020, there is a $25.00 processing fee. Meet the usual requirements of watching and participating in 10 or more sessions and answer a question from each session, you will receive your certification valid until July 31, 2021.  Sign up here:

To participate in the AMC for 2020, please click here for the form and payment of the handling fee.


The annual Authors Marketing Event (AME) is created to give published authors an opportunity to learn about marketing strategies specifically for authors. AME offers a wide variety of sessions that range from basic knowledge to in depth understanding and use of marketing.

During the event, each paid participant may attend the various sessions offered and have a validation signed by the official lecture/speaker for the given session they are conducting. When a paid attendee has collected no less than 10 lecture/speaker signatures during the event, they are then eligible to receive an Authors Marketing Certification (AMC).

The AMC is only valid for authors who attend a marketing session that is a sanctioned event produced and sponsored by Texas Authors, Inc., (TxAuthors).

The certification is only valid for one year and must be renewed with a minimum of five (5) hours of marketing sessions either held during the annual AME or at an event produced and sponsored by Texas Authors, Inc.

Paid attendees who meet the ten (10) hour minimum certification are then allowed to use the initials AMC after their name during the one year period. Those who have already received an Authors Marketing Certification and continue to renew it annually, may use the AMC designation until such time that they no longer renew their certification.

Receiving the AMC designation is not restricted to membership in the TxAuthors organization. Any published author who meets the requirements listed above is entitled to receive the AMC designation.

There is no additional cost for receiving this certification from TxAuthors. The author pays only the cost to attend any sanctioned event produced and sponsored by TxAuthors and takes the responsibility to gather validation signatures from presenters.

Authors who have received the AMC designation will be listed on the AME website as a AMC designee, with a link to a website of their choice. This listing is restricted to the time and conditions as listed above.

Texas Authors, Inc., is a non-profit organization based in the State of Texas. The certification offered above has no legal standing, nor are the hours transferable to any college, university or continued education program at this time. TxAuthors will continue to work toward State Certification as a teaching affiliate, but is under no obligation to receive such certification. There are no refunds for services paid to receive the certification. This certification is only designed to help determine what a committed published author is, versus a published author that is not as fully committed to their craft and/or selling of their books.