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Business Membership Application

Annual Membership with Authors Marketing Guild, LLC

We have created a Business Membership program for any size business. These benefits are general. Each biz will have a custom membership as needed.

  1. Benefits include having your logo displayed on our sliding banner and two announcements per year to our membership.

  2. Your business will also have a more detailed listing on our Biz Page listings where you can give a short sales pitch about your services. This page is open to any author that is looking for goods and services by reputable businesses in publishing.

  3. In addition, if one of your staff is an author, we will give them a 1-year membership for free (limitations do apply).

  4. Additional benefits can be arranged that better fits your company’s needs.

Membership Size & Fees

1 - 5 Employees $250

6 - 10 Employees $500

11 plus Employees $750

This is a two step membership process.

  • Step 1 is completing and submitting the information below.

  • Step 2 is communication with a member of AMG.

Within 24 hours of submission of the information and request to join, a member of Authors Marketing Guild (AMG) will contact the applicant to confirm all the information is correct and to review all the benefits of membership. Once communication has been done, an invoice for the annual membership will be sent to the applicant. They will have 24 hours to pay the invoice, or to contact AMG advising of any issues in paying the invoice. If the payment is not made. within 24 hours of communications, the application will be voided.