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When B Alan Bourgeois began Texas Association of Authors, his main objective was to learn as much as he could about marketing for authors and their books and then sharing what he learned with fellow authors.

In 2016, the Authors Marketing Event was created as part of the celebration for book award winners. This weekend event continues the work that Bourgeois set out to do, while also creating a fun experience for the authors who attend the event in person. Click here for the next annual event.

In 2017 the AME program added the online campus program to its overall education services. Understanding that not everyone can afford to fly in to a city for a weekend event, he didn’t want members to miss out on the opportunity to still learn from professionals and others about marketing. This campus allows the author to view the videos from the AME weekend and still learn valuable information that helps them succeed. A free pass is given to the authors who attend the yearly event so they can go back and refresh their memory or learn something new from a session they missed. Click here to learn more about the campus.

Even with these programs, AMG continues to find new ways to educate its membership in a variety of ways, including through it’s newsletter, the Guiding Light. The latest new, programs and events is always shared with the membership so they too can become more actively involved and educated on what is happening in the publishing world.